Okay, so timing. First of all, it’s an excuse. Even if the timing is “wrong,” I live life like “if there’s a will, there’s a way.” I want something? I make it work. I make it happen. Unfortunately, most people are not this way.

I realized something else about timing and it’s definitely my fault. I’m old-school and don’t play games when I like someone. When I’m into a guy, I’m like, “You’re the one I want. Let’s do this.” Intense? Aggressive? Perhaps. Remember when I told you I was “scary?” Am I too nice too soon?

A lot of my girlfriends give me shit for not playing hard enough to get… but what is playing hard to get? How do I do it right without completely confusing the guy I’m into? Do I lie and tell him I have plans on Friday night just to keep him guessing? Like, “Ha ha this will be great! He’s going to think I’m at a club with my girlfriends while I’m really just at home in Thrasher sweats drinking wine with my cats and watching Archer.” What if he bails? I’d be like, “Wait… come back! I actually really like you! I really don’t have any plans this Friday!!”

Another problem with timing is that everything today is so instantaneous. No one really wants to put in work. If something isn’t working out, it’s so easy to just keep swiping left. But when good things come easily, they often are not valued.

So where is the balance?

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