Talk Dirty to Me!

I was on the phone with one of my guy friends the other day and he suddenly started giggling under his breath like a teenage girl. I got irritated that he was possibly making fun of something I was saying. When the giggling got worse, I finally asked what was going on.

“You will not believe the texts this chick is sending to me right now!” he said. “She told me that next time we get together she wants to bring some Juicy Fruit! Why does she want to bring gum?”

I exploded with laughter. “I think she means, like… actual fruit. Like plums or something,” I said.

“Oh, no way! That sounds…. sticky,” he said. “My sheets are way too nice to be getting plum juice all up on them.”

He proceeded to read me more texts as they came in. These texts involved short skirts and ice cubes. I was almost shaking my head a little bit with how over the top this was getting.

With sexting, do you think less is more? Or do you prefer graphic details? What are some of the wildest/funniest sexts you’ve ever received?

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