Question #2

Dear Brenn,

This question will might be weird right now.. But.. Do u think is possible for a man to turn an insecure woman into a more confident person? Or that’s all on her?…

Sincerely, CuriousOne


Dear CuriousOne,

Your question is not weird! I totally understand what you mean and it’s definitely possible to help an insecure person become a more confident individual. If you are confident, secure and have steady energy as well as a positive outlook on life, that is bound to inspire confidence in your partner. Praise, encouragement and support from loved ones is KEY!! I think a good attitude can definitely inspire people around you to be in high spirits as well.

Try to be patient and understanding. If you know what makes your partner feel insecure, be conscious of words and actions that are triggering.

Best of luck to you two!

xo Brenn

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