Boundaries & Balance

I apologize for my absence. I have been absent from everyone and everything lately. All I have been doing is working 14 to 17 hour days on a few start-up companies. Coincidentally, I am also dating the person who is my boss – even though I am his manager… but it’s still considered a big no-no in the business world. We met as friends and then started working together and were basically dating the entire time with no title.

Lately I’ve been receiving messages from a few of my close friends telling me what a shitty friend I am. It’s not like me and my guy are holding hands and skipping off into the sunset. Half the time it’s me going, “Get in the car! We’re going to be late! Where’s your phone? Do you have your wallet?” It’s unconventional and probably unhealthy and also annoying to my dearest friends. Yes, I have been absent a lot…. being a shitty friend.

I called one of my good friends today to vent and also because he is blunt and unapologetic. According to him, I am”too good of a friend” and “too loyal” to the point where people take advantage of my kindess and dependability. He said I need to set boundaries for myself. Find time for what I like. And what makes me happy. Truthfully, I don’t know what makes me happy. I feel like I bend over backwards trying to please other people. It’s getting to the point where sometimes I want to cease communication with everyone and just vanish.

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