Recently I signed up for Bumble and encountered a friend from high school. I felt like swiping right on him because I figured he had swiped favorably on my profile. We began talking and I asked how his luck has been on here so far.

He reported that most of his dates have ended in one night stands “just like all the other free dating apps.” He mused about how people used to meet at parties or through friends, coworkers or family members. “FWB is cool but gets old and lonely also.” He might end up paying for Match.com because people on there would hopefully take a paid service more seriously.

The comment about one night stands lead me to think that he has sex with women the first time he meets them. There is nothing wrong with that if you are emotionally able to handle it. Definitely don’t sleep with someone the first time you meet them if you’re searching for a deep, emotional, lasting connection.

Since signing up for Bumble, I have started contemplating our generation’s idea of courtship. I don’t know if this phenomenon is exclusive to California or larger cities with deeper dating pools, but it seems like men have become so lackadaisical about their approach to dating. Often times, a man will message me and it will simply say “Hey.” With one raised eyebrow, I sigh and delete the message because I can tell this conversation is going nowhere. Some of my other favorites are the late night “WYD? Come over” texts. If I’m in a particularly bristly mood, I’ll reply, “I was in bed about to go to sleep but am soo glad you messaged me!! Let me shower, put on some make up, get dressed and drive over to your house in the middle of the night!” Guys, seriously… what do you think this is? I know Yo Gotti made you think it’s okay to say “Snapchat me that pussy,” but this is not delivery. I can almost hear you thinking, “Postmates me that pussy!” And let me just say, y’all need to step it up!

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