Instagram Models

I feel insecure even admitting this. I know it’s a subject that many women can agree upon, but for some reason I’m embarrassed to talk about it. I am definitely someone who dislikes showing insecurities or allowing myself to feel vulnerable. Instagram models. My brain tells me that there’s Photoshop, lighting techniques, flattering camera angles, plastic surgery and a dash of sorcery at work. My heart wonders if this is what men really want.

When I’m talking to an attractive man, I can’t help but be nosy. I wonder what kind of women he follows on Instagram and if he has a type. And then I start to wonder if I am that type. And half the time, the answer is a hard “no.”

I’m literally cringing at myself as I type this.

Dating is a scary thing. It’s nerve-wracking in high school, college, in your 30s, and even in your late 50s (I bet). I happen to fall into the 30s category where many of my friends are married and/or have a kid or two. And definitely a dog or three.

Anyways… the fake butts. Do I want one? Do I need one? Do I really want to be with someone who is into that? Instagram says yesssss. And another part of me thinks I’d be much happier if I just threw my phone in the ocean.

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