“I’m in love with you.” Her  lower lip started to tremble. “You’re sure about that?” “Yes. I am. Because it’s true.” She smiled at me, but I also saw that she was crying. “I’m sorry for breaking things off with you,” she said. “For disappearing from your life. I just – ” “It’s OK,” I […]


I try so hard to get excited about meeting other people but I still think about you every day. And it sucks because it’s obvious you’ve moved on and totally forgotten me.


I can’t go anywhere right now as I am confined to four walls. My only view is this monitor screen. But this is part of growing up, right? Clock in, clock out, clock in, clock out. Day after day. “Yes, ma’am.” “Absolutely, sir.” I’m not used to these things. I used to live only for […]

Instagram Models

I feel insecure even admitting this. I know it’s a subject that many women can agree upon, but for some reason I’m embarrassed to talk about it. I am definitely someone who dislikes showing insecurities or allowing myself to feel vulnerable. Instagram models. My brain tells me that there’s Photoshop, lighting techniques, flattering camera angles, plastic […]


I am not sure what I’m so afraid of. My life is good; I have solid friends & family, a safe place to live, so much laughter, and my bills are paid. But I want more. If only I could stop being afraid. More than anything, I want to be a published writer. I wouldn’t […]


Recently I signed up for Bumble and encountered a friend from high school. I felt like swiping right on him because I figured he had swiped favorably on my profile. We began talking and I asked how his luck has been on here so far. He reported that most of his dates have ended in […]

Good Date #1

One of my most memorable dates was with a gorgeous tattooed man with thick, dark hair. We took a hot bath together with Lush bath bombs, drank chilled shots of Patron and smoked a blunt while we watched a movie on his laptop. I sat in front of him and leaned back with my head […]